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Not Necessarily True

I cannot get a job at the corporation down the road because they have a no smoking policy. They do a hair test to prove this.

Another way to look at it, is if I get drunk before I clock in, I'm still drunk! I might even have slept it off, but if I reek of whiskey in the morning and give my boss a big HELLO, he may fire me on the spot.

Even Burger King has a code of conduct that must be upheld even when off of the clock. Try saying something derogatory about your manager on Facebook, and watch how fast you are shown the door.

I'll go one further... Have you ever taken unemployment benefits, received an FHA loan, or maybe registered your vehicle with the state? Guess what! You are a government (corporate) entity. If you even have been proven to pay any tax whatsoever, you gave away your rights to the corporation. Take notice to your birth certificate, driver's licence, social security card, or any official document with your name on it. It will be spelled in all CAPITAL letters. Just like a corporation's name on any legal document. We are all "citizens" of the de jure U.S. Corporation as soon as we are born in a hospital.