Comment: yes sir...duplicate posts pasted here!

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yes sir...duplicate posts pasted here!

Citzen Journalism/personal OP-ED on YouTube by DP frequenters!!! Run with it Joe!

Until we get our own studio/satellite channel etc. etc. (with an audience rivaling AJ!); we need to keep doing videos from our living rooms, or, from inside our cars or during your break at work like I do when I get tee'd off and fired up....Let it fly, and SHARE IT!!!

I call it courageous, and +1 for provoking more ideas...either by the written word, or by knee-jerk video....let America and the world hear you and see you...Lord knows people as tuned-in to the wiles of the devils masquerading as "angels of light" as we are ARE NOT going to get past their call-screeners!!!

Let's start rating TALENT for our Liberty Network!!!

I know we have the TALENT....I was the guy who bought the website and RESPECTFULLY sold it to Michael Nystrom without argument when he called me on it....but this WAS the vision folks....we're currently being divided and ground into powder and scattered to the wind..we NEED to do this by this summer or fall in my opinion.