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I'll go one further than your "further":

If the government claims ownership of the vehicle because of the Registration, then that's Great!

Now that they've claimed ownership, they MUST also reimburse me for the tags; excise taxes, tires, wipers, engine replacement, transmission replacement, fuel, insurance and all back pay that I'm entitled to for driving a state owned vehicle.

They want to presume me into an employment position? That's awesome, now it's time to write me a check, because we can rest assured that the state would not let anyone other than a state employee drive around in one of their vehicles.

You are still apparently very early in your learning curve from reading you comment, but at least you are trying, and that's a good thing.

PS: They don't own you; they don't own your labor, and they can't enforce internal statutes on you without pay, unless you've signed an employment contract that said in plain and easy to read terms, that you agree to perform functions of gov't without pay and benefits like all other gov't employees are enjoying.