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Comment: What's up with it is they want to eat you

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What's up with it is they want to eat you

They want to track you.

That is where the money is. Tracking you and feeding you what you want before you even know what you want. I have Google Now on my smartphone, and it tells me how long it will take me to get home; what traffic conditions are like; what the score of the Celtics game is. Other crap that I don't even know.

The other day I was looking for an address. I typed in the first 3 numbers. Just numbers, mind you. And it came up with the exact street and city. It was freaky. Like it actually read my mind.

Anyway, that is what they want. They want to track you so they can know you, and know you so they can sell you. Both sell stuff to you, and sell your data to others.

Did you ever see Minority Report? See that, and more.

It is coming.