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ok I didn't address

your "pedophilia or bestiality" comment the last time but since you brought it up again I will now. I do not consider those to be consensual. So, I would not put them into the same conversation. You however choose to group them together. So, I guess you would just as soon throw homosexuals and presumably bisexuals into jail as well? Just curious. Certainly when I was young many states did have laws on the books for that. They still might as well as deviant heterosexual behaviors. I say get govt out of the bedroom of consenting adults!

And you talked about a man and woman who didn't want to have children which is not the same as being celibate. On the other hand I probably should have also mentioned those who don't have sexual desires. Do they exist? Is it natural?

If natural to you is procreation I fail to see how people who aren't at least trying to procreate are natural. Sure if they fail that is different. But that still doesn't make homosexuals unnatural. Many of them have even "procreated" so they can have children. I would argue that adding other fun desirous behaviors is perfectly natural. Why not? People do a lot of things that are not "necessary" for survival of the species yet they add to the joy of living. And that in itself might be necessary for the survival of our species

Have fun!