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Not sure

I don't know what the first link was all about since the picture of the woman distracted me to no end.

The comments were typically filtered with deception that almost completely destroys any accurate understanding - in my opinion.

"The Legal Criminals will be raiding that gold at some point in the future?

Gold is a very good way to store Purchasing Power but it is not a good currency compared to less costly forms of currency.

I can get almost anything shipped to me from almost anywhere in a week (small common goods) by clicking with my mouse - that is currency.

I can store a house worth of Gold in a small safe for safe keeping. How much does it cost me to keep criminals from stealing my house worth of Gold in my small safe?

How much does it cost me to keep the criminals from stealing my house?

The Criminals have badges now.

How much does it cost?

It depends on who is answering the question.

"The Legal Criminals will be raiding that gold at some point in the future?"

That is the business they are in, so the answer is self-evident - in my opinion.


The Legal Criminals will be raiding anything anyone earns in every way they can because that is their business and they are good at it.

"You see, I think if as America we had lived the Bible that some of our Founders had in sight the prosperity of this country would not be part and party to evil."

American Legal Criminals started their crime spree in 1788, the rest of The People are victims, the tally is accountable by people, and I am nearly certain that you are right about God having an accounting too - I'm not sure which way I'm going.

"I tend to think that if we do not turn to the Lord even those who want to protect will be unable to do so. Some people call this turning "revival.""

A function of power as a percentage or is it all or nothing?

"Thank you for your insight. As always it is appreciated!"

Thank you too, the journey continues!