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Some Feedback

Launching our own satellite is not the right way to do this. Firstly, the FCC licenses orbital slots so you would need to acquire a license at auction. The most likely spectrum would either be in the KA band or the "DBS Reverse" band. These slots auction for millions of dollars and then you have to build and launch a satellite within a specified amount of time or you lose the license to that orbital slot.

You can put your own feed up on an existing satellite by licensing the spectrum from an existing satellite company. A few were already mentioned. Dish Network Business Services also offers spectrum on a part to full time basis. Many companies use their service and equipment to distribute training videos, conferences, etc. I've seen Herbalife, ReMax, Anheuser-Busch all use them. I don't know what the cost for the spectrum is but I believe it to be quite high. Ideally, you could do a fractional transponder lease on a major carrier and specify that the channel be free and unencrypted. A cheaper option would be to start with a radio channel instead of video as that takes up a lot less capacity and should only cost around $2-3000 per month.

If you start with radio, you might see if AJ is willing to offer a syndicated broadcast. Also, you are going to want to see if you can get some of these advertisers to commit to doing some spots on the radio channel to defray the costs.