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here is yesterday's results

to a Newsmax poll re: gun control. I don't know how legit Newmax is but here are the numbers.. as for aliens... I have to say I never wanted to live in such interesting times so I hope there isn't any, at least for right now =P

Should the federal government regulate guns of any type?
Yes, it should 158,598(27%)

No, it should not 415,221(72%)

Should Congress ban semi-automatic weapons?
Yes, it should 124,566(21%)

No, it should not 451,472(78%)

If Congress does not act, should President Obama use an executive order to ban or strictly control the sale of semi-automatic weapons?
Yes, he should 112,682(19%)

No, he should not 462,654(80%)

Do you agree that the Second Amendment gives citizens the right to own and bear guns without infringement?
Yes, I agree 473,403(82%)

No, I don't agree 102,342(17%)

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