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I take serious issue

with suggesting this is anarchy. This is the exact opposite of anarchy. This is the law and it is not just because it is on some peice of paper somewhere. People here really need to understand this important point. There are really deep reasons why this is the law and why it is the exact opposite of anarchy.

The reason the DOI says governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed is because this is rooted in maxims of natural common law. The foundational maxims provide logical congruency for the process of law and the end result is that initiation of the powers of justice/just powers by the governed is the ONLY way for the judiciary of the State to remain truly impartial when acting as arbiter over a case and having an accuser who is accepting liability for the accusation is the only way that any entity does not break the law in the process of enforcing the law. Enforcing the law means providing protections of law NOT legally extorting,stealing, defrauding, kidnapping and murder enabled by law. There are so many maxims of law that tie into this concept that I would argue it is essentially all maxims of law that reinforce this very point. This is the very reason why the founders where the prime participants in shaping what we call the age of enlightment. The enlightment referred to here is the clarity in proper execution of law that applies logically congruent in such a way as that NO law is violated in the process of enforcing the Law! This is NOT anarchy! This is the antithesis to anarchy. Not being clear on this is exactly what will lead to the choas Ron Paul spoke of.

If people here want to work within the "system" to change the "policy" of the "agency" without knowing why all of this tyranny has become us then those same people will only be the tyrants of tomorrow continuing the decline into anarchy whether you are a Ron Paul supporter or not. This is the path of the feel-gooders.

There are other reasons inherent in natural law as to why the government cannot apply code to the People that is if not examined and understood will also contribute to slide into anarchy. The fact I speak of is the lack of liability that comes from the nanny state application of code that is probably the biggest contributor in the slide to tyranny that I am sure almost no-one here completely realizes. Human beings are adaptive creatures of nature that continuously and naturally adapt to the environment they are exposed to. If humans beings are exposed to having no liability for their actions then several inherently bad adaptations will occur. From a government law enforcer perspective one will adapt to having no remorse no matter how many people they throw in jail or kill. This will happen because they cannot be held accountable for their own actions. On the flip side the governed will become intellectual and physical sloths due to the fact that the nanny state will always take care of them and provide all of their safety. When one has no danger and has no liability for their own safety then they are no longer vigilant in their day to day actions they have the ability to adapt away from self responsibility and liability for at least participating in ensuring their own safety. This attitude means that now through this adaptation of living as a limited liabilty corporate "person" in the nanny state more criminals will get away with crime because less and less people feel the need to be aware and alert as an act participant in ensuring our communities are safe and prosperous.

I can see clearly that all of this code applied to the "legal person" is THE source of the entire destruction of the United States. Think about it. We right now have an unlawful tender that is a private banks debt note that is mathematically gauranteed to fail and the government is using violent force to force the use of this unlawful tender in direct violation of Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution. How can everyone here not realize that what we have RIGHT NOW IS ANARCHY because it is a completely lawless situation where other men who are supposed to be bound by a contract with the People are doing whatever they want all whie claiming no liability for their own actions?!?

SNAP OUT OF IT DPers!!! This is not Anarchy. This is the only Law can be applied properly within the scope of Thousands of Years of established law and where law enforcement does not have any requirement to ever break the law when enforcing it...

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...