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I am still hopeful

sometimes people are sort of paying attention, sometimes they're not. I just had a debate (sort of- it was only me offering facts) about gun control. Other people started liking her stuff and one guy liked my comments. Another chimed in confused about why there was so much fear about gun control. The original person I was talking to stopped posting. This was my final post. God only knows if it will do any good.

This will be my last post. <>
The more I learn about the gun rights “debate,” the more I believe it is fueled by fear, ignorance, and prejudice. The Patriot Act and other unconstitutional “laws” were passed by using fear of terrorism, ignorance, and prejudice of muslims, and they use the same tactics to push gun control legislation.

Here are some rhetorical questions for gun control advocates to ponder: Are you afraid of gun violence? Does your knowledge of guns come from pundits and politicians with an agenda? What kind of person wants an assault weapon? If the first word that pops into your mind is freak, then maybe you need to admit that you’re prejudiced.

An “assault” rifle ban would chip away at our inalienable right to self defense and would force millions of men and women to surrender their right to gun ownership or else they’ll become criminals. The facts show that gun bans will not bring about the desired effects. In fact, it could result in increased crime.

I would speak out just as strongly if someone posted support for executing certain Americans without a trial, indefinite detention without charges or a lawyer, or comments that were pro-torture, or pro-warrantless searches and surveillance. Those rights have also been eroded because of irrational fear. Americans are manipulated by what they hear on TV. Why am I such a pain in the ass? Because all these laws are dangerous and Americans need to wise up.

As you’ve said over and over, we can agree to disagree. I kept harping because I felt compelled to do my best to explain why I think gun control is wrong. You probably won’t hear it on the MSM, so that leaves it to ordinary people like me. I feel like I’ve done my duty. I’m very glad you voiced your opinion, and I hope there’s no hard feelings. I wish you good luck and much happiness with your new baby.