Comment: I'll play the devil's advocate, the skeptic, here.

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I'll play the devil's advocate, the skeptic, here.

First off, using the argument "The BBC reported 20 minutes that Building 7 collapsed" to justify the conspiracy theory is a logical fallacy. Obviously a lot of people knew building 7 was going to collapse, that is why no one was standing in it when it did collapse.

During major events, the media, in a frenzy to be the first to break a story, often make mistakes. We have all seen the famous newspaper headline Dewey Wins! The media jumped the gun, as they often do.

Second, what is this about "not believing and god" while also believing in a democracy? Well guess what dude, I am an atheist and an anarcho-capitalist, so your atheist/socialist strawman is worthless for me.

Third. Europeans are just as obnoxious regarding "conspiracy theories" as Americans. Saying "I have never met a European who [blank]" is YET ANOTHER LOGICAL FALLACY. I have met plenty of savagely ignorant and rude Europeans. Just because one person hasn't met them doesn't mean they aren't there.