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Well, I was actually about to give DP some money and then what to my surprise I come across a 9/11 truther post on the front page. Seriously? Thanks for helping me make my decision, shame on you for associating Ron Paul's good name with this lunatic drivel. Keep it up, ruin any chance Rand Paul might have in 2016. I have lived abroad extensively too and nobody I met is this ignorant, you must be keeping different company. As an engineer, I find nothing in the official 9/11 commission report to be suspicious. Why did building 7 collapse? Well, nobody really knows because nobody alive was over there with meters measuring the stresses on the structure. Fire weakens steel. The building was on fire. Massive tremors weaken steel. There were two hugely massive tremors from the two towers falling. It is not known what the contents of the building was either, it could have contained extra heavy loads, it could have contained material that served as accelerants. All sorts of possibilities. It is perfectly plausible for the building to collapse.

You know what isn't plausible though? A controlled demolition, which would be the only other explanation. For buildings much, much smaller than the WTC it takes weeks to setup a controlled det. And it's a very invasive operation, drills, jackhammers, saws. Lots of manhours. So, please explain to me how they managed to do this in one of the most heavily trafficked buildings in the world? They had what like 150,000 people in and out of those two towers on a daily basis. Even in the dead of night thousands were still there. Nobody noticed hundreds of men drilling into concrete pileons setting up charges and running det cord? Are you really this stupid?

What's the motive? Justification for war? Why not just put a bomb in a crowded stadium somewhere? One guy with a bomb could have done just as much damage, but instead they go about an operation that would require a whole big budget movie crew to pull off? And not only the demolition of the towers, but they made up a terrorist organization as well? Well hell, who the heck was I fighting when I was in Afghanistan?

All these hundreds or thousands of people involved in this great conspiracy, so they were ok with murdering thousands of Americans because Bush had a hard on for war? What was the objective? Oil? Uh, ok, then why were the terrorists in Afghanistan where there is no oil? A completely different argument was used for Iraq. If oil was objective, why aren't we taking it? Our economy left in ruins, wow, that plan sure didn't work out.

Your conspiracy gets dumber and more complicated the further you take it.

I'm also going to take a wild guess that none of you have ever worked for the government in any capacity. I'm a military vet and served in one of the most famous special operations units that exists. Not a snowball's chance in hell we could have pulled something like this off... and I never met any other people or units that could have either in the military or intel branches. Even with the best of the best, the government, including the military, is a massively incompetent bureaucracy. They can't do even the simplest of things properly, but you say they pulled off the greatest and most complicated conspiracy ever conceived by the human mind?

Respectfully, you're an idiot. An absolute idiot to still be talking about this. In the amount of time this issue has been debated by you nuts all of you could have gone to school and gotten engineering degrees and in the very first year you would have realized how stupid these truther arguments are. Embarrassment. If this is representative of the Paul supports, damn, I don't know what to do now. I'm done with the GOP. I'd slit my own throat before joining the Dems. If the Paul supporters are 9/11 truther nuts like Alex Jones, we are truly screwed. Words truly cannot describe how utterly disappointed I am to see this post on I am thinking about all my friends whom I directed to come here. Good grief, I need to go apologize to a bunch of people.