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It is not known what the contents of the building was either, it could have contained extra heavy loads, it could have contained material that served as accelerants.


It was an office building full of papers and computer equipment and furniture and whatnot. And it had offices of Giuliani's, the CIA, etc. You know, those people who call themselves "government", who shipped off the steel to China just as soon as they could? Oh and how about that NIST scientist who feigned no knowledge of molten steel, even though there were scores of newscasts covering the molten steel issue for weeks? Look, politicians are PROFESSIONAL LIARS. Their success in politics (with a few notable exceptions) DEPENDS on how well they lie, and how far they're willing to go with their lies. That's what this here website is all about, supporting those who DON'T lie.

Let me also say something about the "massive tremors". How many people did you see falling flat on their faces from these "massive tremors"? I recall people of shapes and sizes hauling ass down the street to get away from dust created by the buildings being pulverized into powder and rubble.