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You said:

"A large portion of the social security fund is invested in Treasuries"

Do you even know what you are saying when you say that? Do you know what treasuries are? The SS fund being "invested in Treasuries" means the SS fund contains IOU's! The US Govt is BROKE and they stole the money that we taxpayers have been paying in.

You then said:

"which pays social security recipients using the interest paid out by these treasuries" -- hahahaha! (????) o_O

The interest is owed by the US GOVT! Which is ---> BROKE.

There are only three ways to make good on SS payments:

1) through more taxes
2) sell more treasuries (go into further debt) -- buyers are getting harder to find
3) for the Fed to buy it's own Treasuries (the new magically insane way -- past the point absurdity)

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