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In order for goverments to exist

they must have a large portion of the people consenting. Whether by propaganda or by the sword they must concede. Depending on your income you probably pay more than half of your earnings to government if you add in all your taxes. And what do you get for it? Not security, the US military is making us less safe. And try calling the cops for something and see what it gets you. The cops are not there to protect you. They are there to protect the State from you. They are called law enforcement because they exist to enforce the 38 million laws in existence in the US. Your Neighborhood Watch is to protect you and it is comprised of you and your neighbors.

So roads and a cheap way to send your archaic snail mail are your benefits. Woot. They could have built all our homes too for all that money. Seriously.

So you are great for their tyranny. You like your rip off situation. You claim you're a libertarian but you come to a libertarian Blog to try to propagandize others to love their enslavement too. In that way you are part of their tyranny.

I would just like to opt out of your system. Is that not exceptable?