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The antibiotic....

The active anti-biotic is Tetracycline..
in the form of Tetracycline Hydrochloride.
A 6.4 ounce foil pouch is sold under various brand names..
Terramyacin, Tetramyacin are by Pfizer
Terra-Vet is also the same product re-distributed.

I will just give personal testimony here and cut to the chase.
Yes. Myself, my friends and my family and relatives have used it for years.... not one complaint, not one 'bad' reaction.
It is a broad based antibiotic..
most effective against respiratory infections..
it has been used effectively against a grueling sinus infection..
kept bad teeth from further abscessing (PAIN!!!!) and under control
until an examination/extraction took place (2 weeks)..
Throat infection.. my friend's teenage daughter was miserable..
could barely swallow.. she fought it with this and had relief
in less than 24 hours... stopped dosing after 72 hrs and things
went to normal.
It works.
Just use common sense and don't use it for 'everything'...
sniffles, cough, colds... let your body and your own immunities work.
It is 'insurance'... once or twice a year stuff for most of us. :)

I can talk about dosage if anyone's interested.