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Here, once more

anti-Anarchist-Libertarians share Rothbardian critique of a predatory tyrannical role of government. Anarchists simply failed their part to logically demonstrate how anarchism would work without relying on a "new man" of the future when the cost to collect criminal evidence and apprehend a suspect is too costly. Feeble attempts to paint insurance/rating schemas as a solution are absurd even to a moderate intellect.

Rothbard felt lonely to the point that he campaigned against Goldwater and promoted socialist "New Left" party instead:
"Actually, though I'm personally very fond of von Mises, and economically count myself a disciple of his and the Austrian tradition, the political differences between myself and the other Misesians are so enormous that relations are getting pretty strained all around." - M. Rothbard, 1964.

In 1950's, Rothbard sent a letter to a Scientific committee - I cannot deliver my lecture. I have a severe travel phobia. My personal phychoanalist, Nathaniel Branden [Ayn Rand partner], promised to cure me but that did not occur. [The Life of Murray N. Rothbard by Justin Raimondo.] Justin Raimondo: "the letter was painful to read."