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Uh Huh...

First it was Der Mittens, because nobody else had a 'real chance' it is Lil' Rand, because he is a Republican, even though nobody knows how he is going to develop, e.g. establishment or liberty. Albeit there are signs of both at this time.

Before that it was 'Puffy', twice, then a vote for Bob Dole...previously it was New World Order George the Elder and
and on and on and on......

Go back as far as you much actual gov't shrinkage, not slowing of expansion, have the republicans brought? How much are we following the Constitution due to their efforts? How sound is our money due to them?

Gov't is completely lawless. Gov't is so utterly cemented into its powers, both in size, executively, legislatively and judicially, that they openly exercise powers that are prohibited them and openly violate the Constitution and 'law'.

Keep doing what you are doing, but if you believe that this gov't is going to countenance any takeover by a real individual liberty, real constitutionalist move, you need your head examined.

Of course, with the 'principles' of compromise and party-loyalty that you have displayed, I don't see that they have anything to worry about, from your camp. I have seen 'reform republicans' like you for decades. You are a warmed-over and watered down version of what we already have and since you insist and preach that people 'fix it', rather than abandon it, you ensure that neither will ever happen.

A future controlled co-opted candidate who says and does a few things to get you all worked up into a follower-frenzy, will always gain your support, again and again and again.

The dirt-simple concept of using the Constitution and fundamental principles of individual liberty to measure any person vying for elected office, well, that seems to take a continual back seat to the party-paradigm and the 'paradigm of the lesser turd'.

Enjoy yourself. Me, well, me and those like me will continue to prepare for what your efforts absolutely ensure will come, like an out of control freight train.

Keep on keeping on though.