Comment: I was not in Tampa

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I was not in Tampa

Though the campaign had selevted me as a national delegate, most unfortunately Romney won, so his selected delegates went to Tampa, not Ron's.

I think it's very hard for many people to transition from smoking pot/dmt all day long to joining the GOP, taking a committee seat and facing the Neocons, educating the local power about liberty.

Ron Paul made it very clear to me when he said, "The GOP has lost it's way". He did not say, "The Democratic Party, or Independent voters." I joined the GOP when RP made his second run for president because I knew, he was not going to do it MY way.

My first party was Libertarian, 1976-92 and in 93 I went Indy. In 07/08 I hoped that RP would go Indy. The campaign run by Kent Snyder, completely ignored me.. and I had spent a lot of money, met RP and them, made a meet up, hung banners, posters, made local speaches, delivered signs from San Francisco, to Humboldt to Reno, NV.. my time, my gas, my money, and they avoided me like the plaque.

So when RP announced his bid for pres fpr 08, I joined the GOP, began going to committees and the campaign has been with me ever since. Just talked on the phone last night.

So this WORKS for me. I can't imagine it WORKING in the Democratic Party, in a third party or as an Indy, because the people I work with are very committed,, we have a goal, we have a candidate, we have a party and we are FIGHTING to win.

As one who was fringe for decades, it is not important.. because fringe is going to do what it wants to do, just like I did in 07/08. What frienge needs to learn, is that the GOP is merely a tool, and today we have more RP Republicans than in 07.. it just gets better and better.

Thank you for the compliments, peace and welcome back. Thank you very much!! @>->--------- ((((((((((((Paul_S.))))))))))))