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Comment: and the truth of the matter is...

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and the truth of the matter is...

...the red-white-and blue Republican elephant logo nauseates me when I see it now....because they collectively HATE Ron Paul and our movement...well...despite their lipservice(to keep things "civil"), they should FEAR us because cutting and slashing government spending is where we plan on taking that party.

I no longer have sympathy for people who bought into "government promises"; you knew damn well the government RAIDED every last "pension/safety net/welfare" program they've started....the bottom line....your children will NOT have it better than you because they're going to learn the centuries-old virtue of honoring their parents and SACRIFICE for their parents' well-being!

This is the price we must pay for neglecting our founders advice towards civic responsibility!

"our farmers, merchants, and mechanics compose the strength of our nation; let them be wise and virtuous and WATCHFUL of their liberties; ,let them trust NO MAN to legislate for them if he lives in the habitual violation of the laws of his country" -