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I answered you directly.

No action required, awareness. You don't even have to believe, you are now "aware" at some level. Now you will be more sensitive to headlines like this

Is it credible? I don't know. I KNOW what is going on around here, and this story echoes much of that. It is a case of "disappearing news" at the local level, and things I have seen out driving around the desert and up in the mountains, and other sources that I just can't go into. At the ground level, privacy gets pretty real.

Maybe it will never happen for you, but more and more people are seeing things at home. The ones who have at least been tipped off that there might be a problem will be more likely to act when it finally hits home. And even then, I don't know what action to take. I tried to raise it as a local issue and can't get people here to listen either. I don't have video, and the guy who did disappeared. I do not think he is harmed, I think he became convinced it was time to go. I'm not going back for video, he encountered officials, and had credentials that got him free that I lack. And I'm done explaining. Like I said, belief is irrelevant, now you are aware.

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