Comment: Why does it seem like no one is asking for the video

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Why does it seem like no one is asking for the video

surveillance tape from Dick's Sporting Goods from Dec. 11 when Lanza allegedly entered the store, asked one of the employees about a gun, was denied, and then left? Dick's has to have gobs of surveillance video up in their store, so why does it seem like no one is focusing in on that aspect? Has anyone tried to retrieve this video from Dick's? Has it been apprehended by the police? Is anyone in contact with the store managers at Dick's to confirm that Lanza actually was there that day? If they say that he was, why shouldn't the video be made available to the public? Is there a price on that video or is it simply being supressed much like the supposed video that is allegedly of James Holmes at the movie theater, standing by the concession stand with a skull cap in order to hide his orange hair before the shooting there in July. Is Lanza wearing a skull cap when he enters Dick's, if he did at all? Does anyone know if these angles have been looked into yet? I know we're never going to get to see the video of Lanza supposedly arguing with staff at the school days before like what has been alleged, but can we at least be granted access to what Dick's may have? Maybe I'm just late to that party but it seems like a pretty credible avenue to take.