Comment: Rand Paul gained a lot of respect of some unlikely people

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Rand Paul gained a lot of respect of some unlikely people

4 years ago I used to frequent a blog called Noquarter. It was primarily a Hillary Clinton supporter blog. But boy things have sure changed! Since the 2008 election the blog turned sharply against Obama. Their view along with the views of many "PUMA's" (stands for Party Unity My Ass) was that Obama had cheated that entire primary. The caucus fraud and voter fraud and overall election fraud was well documented as well as the the democratic party shenanigans that divided the party.

Anyway!!! So many of these "Hillary Supporters" have spent the last 4 years romanticizing Hillary's contribution to the Obama administration while vehemently opposing everything Obama did.

Occasionally I check back there as a litmus test to see what people are feeling. During 2012 election I frequented that place to attempt to persuade them to vote for Ron Paul. They wouldn't hear of it. While they "respected" Ron Paul they didn't think he could win and decided on the whole to back Romney.

With this Hillary / Rand Paul confrontation I couldn't help but be curious to what side the people at Noquarter were on. LOW AND BEHOLD! They now despise Hillary and how she conducted herself! They thought Rubio was inexperienced and tepid. But Rand, they thought, did excellent! They even went to far as to say this exchange would make a good political ad for 2016. I think Rand just won over a TON of people! Great job Rand!