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For what?

I agree with him. I have never called anyone a troll and only consider those who come here to sell their spam, trolls. I have far more tolerance for so called trolls, that have opinions many disagree with, than MN. Many folks have been banned, I would not have banned. And many people I know left because they felt attacked. MN can say he was too tired, but he ws not too tired to pander to those who hurt good people that did not agree with MN. So, maybe the break was best?

I do not go to the Mod box and cry about posts or posters. I do not make topic posts to insult, upset or call out those who disagree with me. I do not threaten to leave, or pander to MN or anyone to win friends, or upvotes. I do not expect everyone to like me.

I have participated on Conspiracy theory posts, and I do not apologise for saying that is what the Liberty Movement has become, because that is a fact. The Liberty Movement does not have a party, or a candidate, or a future that is going to change the GOP or the USA or the UN.

This is MN's site and I have supported him with money. I have reguested that I am not pro-statis because I'm not here to stand out with an icon, and what the benefits are, are unimportant to me.

I believe that if MN believed I owe him and apolgy her would be man enough to tell me, or ban me.. it's his site and I respect that. I'm very well aware that if I don't like it, I can leave.

I think MN has an excellent site, and that's why I support it. I do not always agree with him, and I'm not going to act like I do.

I am not afraid to be wrong, I often am, and am happy to apologise because I appreciate the education and growth. Excuse me for not seeing where I own MN an apology. I do not blame him for the division among us. I'm a capitalist, and to me, he needs to make money, and so he needs to make the site open to both sides.

MN and I were on the same side for years. We are no longer on the same side, but he tolerates (through his admitted dissappointment of) my choice to join the GOP, take a committee seat, and uphold the loyalty oath I took. He may not agree or understand, and I may not be able to make my reasons clear, so he prefers to stay clear rather than rebuke an old virtual friend. I respect that.

MN gets my respect and money. I get tolerated. Fair enough.

So what do I need to apologise to MN about?