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Perfect example of why I ride the fence

Two men who seem to understand this maze of legal skullduggery who can't agree on simple, basic terms. Well, they agree, but they still fight over them. Then we get into citizens and Citizens, and I glaze over.
I have rights, I understand what they are and I do my best to use them and not abuse them. That keeps me pretty well out of trouble, at least for now. My rights do not come from government or papers, I was born with them. Every moment that I breathe without a government agent telling me to is a moment that I self govern. All these things make me feel the most basic truth lies in people accepting their full sovereignty, and they ARE "supreme ruler" of their life. But everyone who wants to cast off the tyrants says the way to do that is to go get in their face and start a legal battle that even the "experts" can't agree on how to wage.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.