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It was NEVER "Mittens". It was keeping loyalty oaths, that those who joined the GOP, were elected to committees, were registered with our county and state as Ron Paul Republican delegates, who were targetted, and had to keep our loyalty oaths to remain in the GOP, where Ron Paul remains as Chair to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

"Lil" Rand has known, loved and respected, by his Father Ron, his entire life. "Lil" Rand is advancing the Liberty Caucus within the GOP as Ron Paul NEVER did. Ron Paul ate lunch by himself for decades, the "crazy uncle" no one cared about. Ron Paul may have won the hearts of many, but that did not translate into GOP support. Ron Paul picked the GOP, Rand Paul continues within the GOP, and the few who followed, remain fighting within, to your chagrin.

I registered Libertarian in 1976 and remained until 1992 when I went Indy to work with Ralph Nader on three election, to open ballots and debates to third parties. All we won were multible law suits in multuble states that we lost. I did not want to join the GOP and I refused in 07/08, which left me nowhere. When RP made his second Republican run for president, I joined. The only regret I have is not joining in 07/08.

I am well aware of the problems within the GOP, and other parties, having witnessed the stolen election in 92 when Clinton was selected. Ron Paul is giving us a place within the GOP to change things, and I enjoy it. I see the changes on my committee, and I'm seeing the changes nationally, now that Lil Rand is getting MSM attention, something Ron didn't get. Seems the only people who that upsets is the Neocons and those who back the Neocons staying in the GOP, refusing to replace them, like you.

I look forward to proving you wrong about who I am and what I will do. Compromise does not mean complete surrender. Doing nothing but spitting in the wind as you do, is complete surrender.

When I began supporting Ron Paul, I did not agree with him 100%. I compromised then. But I also studied Ron Paul, and I began to change to the point, I really don't know where I don't agree. And while I may not agree with Rand 100%, I appreciate the position and the battle, and I am still learning. I enjoy it very much. I enjoy seeing my committee change, and voting down unconstitutional resolutions and inniatives for my county, and debating Neocons, as I am armed with what I have learned from Ron and Rand Paul.

You, and those like you, the whiners, complainers, the do nothings, win nothings, apathetic spolers who don't get it, don't want to get it. You enjoy yourself keeping the ptb in power as you try to hide your cowardess, and apath,y begind your anger and frustration, spoending more time knocking those who followed Ron Paul into the GOP, than the GOP you claim to hate. You are working very hard to keep them in place in the name of principle. You can fool yourself and those like you, but you do not fool me at all.