Comment: My letter to the Mayor.

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My letter to the Mayor.

I just sent a letter to this Mayor. Here is the content.

Dear Mayor,
  I have just viewed the video footage of your council where a motion was put forth to restrict lawful Concealed Carry of a firearm within the council chamber.
  I admire and respect your handling of the motion and your comments given in respect to the motion.  In a time when common sense, honesty, integrity and adherence to Law and Oath are in short supply; it is overwhelmingly refreshing and comforting to know that individuals such as yourself do not suffer such handicaps.
  Presenting the Oath of Office was not only appropriate, it was inspirational!
Thank you for honoring your Oath.

xxx xxxxxxxx
Committeeman, Pct. xx
Lee County Republican Party,
Lee County, Florida. <----

. My name and Precinct were struck from this posting but not from the actual letter.

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