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Maybe you misunderstand. If he was going to die anyway, he wouldn't be concerned about his hearing. The sound of the firearms could easily damage his ears, but it wouldn't "knock him on the ground" as others have said. And it's likely it wouldn't have caused the immediate damage enough that he couldn't continue walking around shooting, and then shoot himself. The idea that the sound would have blown his eardrums and made him unable to continue walking is pure conjecture. From my own experience, having been on the rifle range with 50 Marines firing m-16's at the same time, without having my ear plugs in, I highly doubt that the fire arms used, or reported to have been used, would have the kind of devastating affect you guys are talking about. I realize nobody is talking about m-16's, but I seriously doubt any fire arm the news reported would have been much louder. Nobody said the guy was using a 50 cal, or an Mk-19 grenade launcher, and even if he was, they would damage the ears, but still probably not knock him down unable to continue.

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