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Comment: Who are they?

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Who are they?

The news stations don't work on the same team. They compete to get you the newest information first. There is no "they" and they don't have a specified job of getting you the "official story". They are just entertatiners who are trying to get viewers, so they report early and often no matter if they've confirmed anything or not. They don't have to correct themselves if another station reported something different. They are entertainers and they are innaccurate quite often. When you guys use the term "they" and the "official story", it makes the common listner think you are picking apart some official government report that was released about the incident. If that was the case (such as the 911 Commission report), then you could truthfully say "they" and the "official report", and it would mean something. When you say "they have lied to us about the official Sandy Hook report", you don't really mean anything, you just want it to seem like someone official is lying. The news isn't official, they don't always work together to get the best version of the truth, they work independently to get ratings, and they report whatever they heard as soon as they can.

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