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What we

have are two different videos from two different periods of time. Yours was from when he was a candidate for President and being bullied by the host.
Mine is from AFTER the campaign and toward the end of his Congressional career. Which interview do you think he is going to speak more candidly in?

"The BIG question is WHO'S behind it, and what's the MOTIVATION. Was it just ineptness, AND maybe THEY had OTHER reasons. Number 7 is the one that's most suspicious." Ron Paul

You're not going to get a better public answer from this man that is telling you that what we were fed is huge steaming pile of bullshit.

Ron Paul knows about PNAC, he also knows about General Wesley Clark telling about how they had plans to go into Iraq long before it happened.
I PERSONALLY sent him the Clark video, and KNOW he received it. I wrote him throughout the campaign and it was forwarded DIRECTLY to his personal email. I confirmed this with him face to face, which is reflected in my profile pic. (that's me just behind Benton's belly)
Even though I have not had private conversations with him about this subject, I can confidently state that I believe what he says publicly, and what he thinks privately, are TWO different things. You believe what you want though.