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Because the Daily Paul has become a seething mess of Rand worship and HELL YES 2016 WOOT WOOT bravado. We got screwed by Ron's campaign management team, screwed by the Republican party, and now currently elected official in numerous GOP positions are being removed.

Hint hint; if Rand is allowed to run in 2016 (or rather, win), it's because he is controlled opposition. There will never be a president in the White House who opposes the Federal Reserve, overseas intervention, or domestic spying. Should Rand prove to win, it's because he simply lied to increase his odds and then consolidated his power.

I mean, who on here really reads Tom Woods? Or Rothbard? Or Stefan Molyneux? There's a lack of critical thinking going on because many on the DP have succumbed to "future fervor" over someone who's last name happens to be Paul.

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley