Comment: It's funny how the majority

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It's funny how the majority

It's funny how the majority of people are completely blind to our foreign policy.

So Iran is this supposedly crazy and unstable state that supposedly wants to achieve nuclear capability to bomb other countries. So we're supposed to be worried about them and want to invade their country to stop them.

Meanwhile there's a complete, isolationist, SLAVE state out there in the Pacific. They are headed by complete lunatics. The people are under complete control, and must oblige to authority or be killed. They have already demonstrated long-range missile capabilities. They have already demonstrated the ability to launch a nuclear warhead (when they sent their "satellite" into space a few weeks ago). And they DO have nuclear weapons as they've tested THREE of them already.

But no, Iran or Libya or Algeria is our top concern they say! Minding our own business wouldn't do anything they say! Now if North Korea did have the balls to attempt a strike on us (which I don't think they do). I wouldn't mind going over there at all and finally freeing those people.