Comment: Well finally, a South Thread w Up Votes :

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Well finally, a South Thread w Up Votes :

It's about time.

Peeps getting a message finally ?


"I'll go one further... Have you ever taken unemployment benefits, received an FHA loan, or maybe registered your vehicle with the state? Guess what! You are a government (corporate) entity."

There is a nifty little thing called "Mistake". Government nannies love it when we plead mistake, explain our mistake, make restitution and promise never to do it again.

You may decide to offer your “applied for” status back.

While exploring the implications of Bunny's Buck Act info regarding definitions of "In This State", at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles and Franchise Tax Board, we did just that.

Our Mistake > Believing we were "In This State", which we stated we were not.

Explanation > Regarding definitions in the Franchise Tax and Motor Vehicle Codes ; "In This State" was defined by simple reference to 4 U.S.C.S. 104-113 - The "Buck Act".

Sec. 110(d). The term "State" includes any Territory or possession of the United States.

Sec. 110(e). The term "Federal area" means any lands or premises held or acquired by or for the use of the United States or any department, establishment, or agency of the United States; and any Federal area, or any part thereof, which is located within the exterior boundaries of any State, shall be deemed to be a Federal area located within such State.

We didn't live there. The household car and pickup didn't ever even go there to our knowledge. And we promised never to intentionally go there. Simple as that.

Make Restitution > We offered to return any "Benefits Received in Error" on the States Form for such.

We also applied for a "Return of Fees Paid In Error" according to their own Forms again. Wanted the registration fees back is all.

During the course of correspondence with the DMV we were informed the State could not refund the annual Registration Fees as they were Federal taxes. We had to separate the sticker tag from the plate and return the plate for a refund on the original physical plate fee. Apply to the Feds over the Tag.

Wrote back basically charging Collusion ( State with US ) Breach of Trust and Conversion of Property to Another Use". It was apparent the State DMV had misrepresented Fed. taxes as necessary State fees. A reasonable presumption would be a "State Fee" would remain within for the use and benefit the State and inhabitants, not be forwarded to the Feds. ( Probably with a little percentage held back as fee for being Federal Tax Farmers. )

They had Converted Private Property in motor conveyances, properly defined in the DMV Code as being "Vehicles of a type not required to be licensed", into items under Federal Jurisdiction and control.

Never heard another word. A few weeks later we were due to receive DMV Renewal Notices in the mail. Never happened. Checking with a friend ( working secretary for an Insurance Agency ) showed the Vehicle Identification Numbers ( VIN ) were not even in the system.

Any COP that ran the numbers because we had no Plates,Reg or License, also just left. No "have a good" day or anything. Just up and left without explanation. I would love to know what Flag or Tag or Note their little cop computers came back with that caused that behaviour.


"There is no one home in those Agencies; they are being filled by private contractors that are not under the Administrative Authority of the State."

A fun thing that doesn't cost much. Find out the Official NAME of your city or county municipal corporation. Request and pay the few bucks for a records search with your State's Sec. of State Corporations Division. Ask for a Certified Certificate ( or Letter ) of Good Standing ( "and Compliance" in some States.) This shows the muni-corp. in request complies with all regulations regarding State recognition and continued legal existence to do business. Articles on File and Annual Reports are current is usually about all they want.

( I might do this for the local Supreme Court. That should be fun )

You'll likely receive a Certified "No Responsive Records" reply. ( you paid for their Certification Service after all )

Evidence the muni-corp. has lapsed. If things are not brought up to date the corp. ceases to exist as a matter of law. No notices or dissolution papers need be provided. There may be a time limit to bring things up to date where a lapsed corp. can not reinstate due to timeliness. ( My favourite. Dissolution is required and out of the hands of bureaucrats ) There may not be a time limit. Here I expect a muni-corp. that has probably never followed the Code since securing their original Charter, could simply not comply for lack of record keeping.

This No Records letter is a great conversation starter, especially at public city and county government meetings. Q&A Sessions can be hilarious. I'm just a concerned "Citizen" pointing out a possibly overlooked civic responsibility and asking the appropriate Public Trustees to remedy the defect. Watch the mouth sputtering erupt.

Great ice breaker with your neighbours.

Just be calm and assertive. No one is likely to label you a loony. Although the Sheriff might designate you a “Paper Terrorist”.

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