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Comment: Epidemiology

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Dr. D'Adamo was quoting the CDC or some other epidemiological sources or studies, that said the efficacy of the 'flu' shot, and the reaction to the 'flu' itself is variable by blood type.

The various blood types get it easier, have it longer, get sicker, take longer to recover, or are more resistant, get it milder, recover quickly, and have more or less anti-bodies to protect them next time, based on which strain of 'flu' and which blood type they have. O's and A's each have the advantage depending on which strain.

I'm a B. He says I'm better off getting the 'flu' and that a single 'flu' shot does me no good without getting a booster. As a B, I don't trust any recommendation based on the majority of people, because I am not the majority of people. (I think B's are less than 12% of the population.)

Since I've been on the blood type diet (for B), I've had years where I did not get a cold or 'flu,' and gone 3 or 4 years between getting the 'flu' and the next time. I usually take nothing for it, and let the fever go (unless my brain starts to cook), building up my immunity when I do get it (I can't recall the last time, but it's been at least two or three years ago.

Good thing we don't have government-mandated medicine. Oh, wait, I guess that's why I'm a freedom activist.

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