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How many times have you contacted your newspaper, television news station, or anyone else selling journalism, and asked for more stories about near-misses? Almost car accidents, almost fell off the curb into oncoming traffic, almost was mugged?

Yes, people like heroism, and especially they like security camera video of robbers being routed, but most of these stories not only don't have video, but the criminal charges are "attempted robbery" not murder, so as ongoing crime stories, they're pretty short-term: no dramatic trial, no neighborhood interviews about the homeowner, nothing to hang the story on, after the event.

It would be interesting to watch the police blotter, and read up on all the crime reports, and perhaps do some investigative journalism, with interviews of all such stories in one's local area. A local news outlet might find that interesting as part of the debate.

Of course, this isn't really about self-defense against criminals, so much as it is about preventing a military coup or tyranny.

What do you think?