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My list, unlike the constitution, is not a limiting document. It's an invitation to add. We might throw in mounds and mounds of cheap pr0no while we're at it. Maybe a shipping container full.

I've lived in 3 communes and had pretty amazing times in each. There's really no definable recipe other than you have to want to do it. It helps to have some sort of definable mission. Libertarians always train wreck on who owns what. We are so hung up on our concepts of property ownership and contract law that we get lost in the details and forget to actually live life.

Beyond that I think we find there are the doers and the talkers. Doers, like artists just start generating stuff all by themselves. All it takes to be a doer is just do what you know how to do. Then there's people who have no idea what to do and they either do it with you or kinda drift off. I kinda know the feeling. You gotta market your skills. Find a niche. Become necessary. Odd how hippies won't admit it but a successful commune is capitalism in action, it's just informal and heavily barter dependent.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.