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Seems to me you have

an awful lot to learn about SMs, free markets, consumer choice, and truth in advertisement. Since the SM was installed on my house without notice (I found out about it from the next electic bill) I can't sleep worth a damn and have an annoying, loud continuous sound going on in my head - like a live electrical cord running from ear to ear.

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"...Consumers are opposed to the installation of these "smart" meters for numerous reasons, from potentially deadly radio frequency radiation to outside interference with their use of electricity to privacy. Those opposed over the issue of privacy are concerned because wireless transmissions can be intercepted by anyone with a receiver. One hacker recently demonstrated how he could, and did, with a $30 device readily available in the marketplace, intercept data on households at will. Consumers claim their privacy is being violated and their personal electricity consumption is now becoming someone's paycheck. Consumers are also concerned that thieves and burglars would have the same access to that data and would be able to determine when no one us usually at home.

However, by far and away, the biggest issue is the known health risks ignored by the utility companies and TDSPs (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider). Devvy and John Kidd, residents of Big Spring, went nose to nose with ONCOR in July 2011, when ONCOR attempted to install a 'smart' meter on their home. Devvy is an investigative journalist who began researching the health risks and due to her husband's medical issues decided to fight installation. When ONCOR decided to play hard ball by threatening to terminate power to their home, Mrs. Kidd hired constitutional law attorney, Tom Cryer, to represent her and her husband. Mr. Kidd is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and classified as medically disabled.

While state law prohibits terminating power to any home where a disabled person resides, ..."

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