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Due Dilligence

What you can't employ now with training and experience you can employ with due diligence, persistence, training, and experience.

Your answer dodges the question.

"It must be the most important and driving force. We, Christians, should not get off our knees until God has restored Goodness in America."

Is "it" a function of percentage or is "it" all or nothing?

I can avoid the feelings of jealousy as I am left out of the POWER that is then either/or good enough to restore "Goodness in America", and know that nothing I can do will add to or subtract from the POWER that is then either/or good enough to restore "Goodness in America", but the question remains to be the same question.

God is on the razor edge, the tipping point, and either/or, depending upon "it", God does, or does not, restore "Goodness in America".

I have no part in it, as I am not "it", since I am not Christian, and therefore whatever I do has no effect on the future one way or the other, I get that, loud and clear, but the question remains to be either/or answered instead of either/or unanswered.

Is "it" a function of percentage or is "it" all or none?

"It must be the most important and driving force."

Force can be converted to an accurate measure relative to POWER, such as kilowatt/hours.

If there could be a Smart Meter on this force that "must be the most important driving force", then "it" is watched by God and us, even us who are not Christians, and we can witness, if not participate, in the situation as "it" plays out, and we can, all of us, Christians and non-Christians, and God too, watch this POWER Struggle, as it either/or, reaches the level at which something significant happens or does not happen.

"We, Christians, should not get off our knees until God has restored Goodness in America."

Who is going to produce any food?

I am persistent for a reason.

I see contradictions.

Suppose everyone but me wakes up tomorrow morning as Christians and each one is working to be a better Christian than each other one, and none of your group is off their knees for the next month.

I am trying, I can tell you stories that you won't believe as to how I'm trying to hear God, and I'm failing, so I'm the one, so far, who does not wake up tomorrow morning, and I'm the one that, so far, is not on their knees all next month, persistently, trying to resolve this apparent contradiction to em.

All humanity except me, now Christians, as of tomorrow morning, only me left, and all next month, everyone but me, all on their knees, and that is the persistent question rephrased in a way that leaves no room for further non-answers (hopefully).

Does God say, nope, that one guy over there ruined "it" for all of you?

That would be 99.99999999999% "yea" and one "nay" and if God says, never mind, it is all or nothing, then the force is insufficient.


"It must be the most important and driving force. We, Christians, should not get off our knees until God has restored Goodness in America."

If God says OK, the one guy not getting it is forgivable, here you go, you get "Goodness in America" after all, then there is a possibility that it can be 2 people who don't get it, or 4, or 16, or 256, or 65,536.

There is a possibility, theoretically, that I will get it by tomorrow morning, unless there are physical qualifications that keep me out of the group, or other things I don't know about that remove all possibility of me ever being in the group that constitutes this POWER that you measure as a force as in:

"It must be the most important and driving force."

If you were to hazard a guess could you guess at the current level of that force relative to the level you think that force should reach and can you hazard a guess as to how much time is left before there is no longer any hope for "Goodness in America"?

My thinking is such that there is a measurable increase in accurate perception, as more and more people are waking up into a world where their perceptions are willfully questioning the official lies that have previously been believed to be the truth without question.

I hope that the group can muster the required force in time.

I think that the group has mustered enough force to tip the balance.

I may be deluding myself.

So, when you ask: "A function of power as a percentage or is it all or nothing?"

I would say that revival would be contagious and would spread.

I did not read ahead, so that is good news to me. My responses above that were me being me, being persistent, as I've trained myself to be, as I've gained a lot of experience in this thinking stuff - which may or may not be a good thing.

"It would be an outpouring of the Spirit of God. It would spread like fire. What could be more important?"

To me the concept of "importance" is based upon the concept of morality which is based upon the concept of life being good, and since I am human, then human life is good, and worth reproducing for as long as humanly possible: so nothing can be more important unless there is a better species to replace our failed one, and I'm not on that bus yet.

"Legal Criminals and our own short comings."

If you mean to say that Legal Criminals are your groups (Christians) short comings, then that is one thing, and another thing would be for you to mean that Legal Criminals are a shortcoming of mankind.

Either way I do not want to be in the "we" category. I am not a Legal Criminal, so pinning that on me, in any way, is unwarranted, a case of prejudice, a case where I am being held to account for the actions of other people, a case of me being guilty by false association, a case of me being punished with the often routine of collective punishment, which is what the Legal Criminals do, so again, I want no part of it, I don't invent it, I don't produce it, and I don't employ it, and even if I do slip up and parrot it, then I can at least admit my mistake and work to never let myself make that mistake again.

Collective punishment is a huge part of Legal Crime, a subset of the three routines:

Deception upon the innocent.
Threats of violence upon the innocent.
Violence upon the innocent.

We went over this already, and that is why I'm very persistent with the case where you say The Word of God is such that God says kill those babies over there, and then some human says OK God, I'll get to it, and then there is a measurable case of collective punishment.

Babies are punished for having been born in the wrong place and the wrong time? What did the babies do to deserve to be murdered?

It makes no sense, unless again, there is something I don't know, which is certain, but you don't know either, other than trust in words conveyed to you, or anyone, through human beings controlled by God, as you say, or as is written in the book written by human beings controlled by God, or if I hazard a guess, then God is a participant in the process of Evolution and the babies are failed experiments in genetic make-up, so they have to go too: a bad seed scenario.

"What is the cost of all the lies (I remember from the abyss)? A little sin affects everything."

1. All or nothing (every Christian: I have nothing to do with it)

2. A percentage of the whole number of Christians (what is the measure of that force if so?)

3. If there is only 1 Christian left, then that is the whole of that number in that group (then it is go or no go depending upon the percentage of force relative to the whole number of human beings?)

I see contradictions again: as explained in number 3 above, since we non-Christians have nothing to do with this force, or, on the other hand our number relative to the number of Christians does tip the balance in some way.

"Galatians 5:9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."

How much is a little?

1 good person leeaveneth the whole lump?

1 bad person ends human kind forever?

Bread is a lump of something, sprinkle some weapons grade plutonium on top and what do you get?

Yellow cake?

"It may actually take catastrophe to run Christians to seek God. That truth can be seen in the history of Israel."

Here is where I see more contradiction. I can be wrong, of course. I am wrong, often. To get past the abuse of Legal Criminals, I see 3 things that can be done by anyone, including Christians who may or may not be on their knees.

End the Fed
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not in body bags, not to be targeted as terrorists, not to be left to commit suicide, not to be experimented on by Legal Criminals, but to start out in the day with less power and end the day with more productive power)

As to a version of History compared to another version of History, a competition of versions, I think it is important to measure one relative to the other, to see which appears to be more accurate, until a better (more accurate) one is produced by someone acting on their own will, or someone being controlled by God.

If I were to be able to understand how The Bible was written by God, as God controlled people in that writing, then I could read it. I have a huge problem here, since I do not read Hebrew.

Do I trust translators, and are they also controlled by God, according to the Hebrew symbols written by people controlled by God, or are the translators themselves controlled by God and their translations are in that way done according to God POWER - not human power.

God made sure that the original Hebrew words foretold of efforts to translate into English, precisely, and those future translators would do it right, according to the Hebrew versions.

God made sure that the translators mentioned, in English, that they, the translators, were being controlled by God and therefore not making any mistakes, or not twisting, or spinning, the information in such a way as to injure innocent people with such deceptions.

I persist because I don't know, and because persistence, in my case, is necessary in resolving important contradictions that confront my sense of importance.