Comment: My girlfriend is (mostly)

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My girlfriend is (mostly)

My girlfriend is (mostly) alseep, but she does listen when I'm feeling frustrated about something on the news, or whatever. I think it is mostly that she is afraid of some of the things I say, knows it is important, but doesn't know what to do or how it would fit in her life.

Last summer I started explaining the Federal Reserve to her and accidentally made her cry. "It just is really scary. Let's just worry about our little bubble". I felt pretty bad and try to only say bits at a time now. She'll say things like "I think college should be free, we are really behind compared to other countries", but will listen when I state my opinion, and tries to be open minded. She was upset by Obama's gun control executive actions, and actually asked me about it. She's moving in the right direction.

I think the big key with her is mutual respect, and not bringing it up too much. Too much at once is overload. It's like coaxing a rabbit out of a hole to feed it a carrot.

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