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Very very true. My pet issue

Very very true.

My pet issue that woke me up was nutrition. I was tired of being fat and tired and started looking into different diets. I tried all kinds of diets, and was even raw vegan at one point (not the healthiest diet!). From research I determined that saturated fat was, in fact, healthy, and did a google search for "healthy high fat diet" and found That led me to learning about wheat and corn and soy. That led me to Monsanto and Big Pharm. That led me to some conspiracy websites, and also local organic farmer websites. Someone along the way mentioned Ron Paul, which of course led me here. From here I found, freedomain radio, all kinds of great stuff.

It all starts with one pet issue.

What really spurred me to research the dark side of the world is the fraud that is Ancel Keys.

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