Comment: No Only the Mayor Objected on 2A grounds

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No Only the Mayor Objected on 2A grounds

See my earlier post MichaelMcC (it has the link to the full video). In the unedited video, when explaining the way in which they vote, all of the council members did not stand up for this mans right to carry. It was more of a procedural issue for them than a right to defend oneself. Listen to both women who voted no, they both said they feel uncomfortable with someone carry a gun (again this is a disabled vet) Its pathetic. The mayor is the only one who stood up for this gentleman. I can guarantee you that if this was put on the table( which it cant since it would overwrite Washington state law) they would all have all to take away 2A CC rights during council meetings. There is even a report, that after this meeting, one of the councilwomen suggested holding the meeting in a school or courtroom so that a CC permit holder could not attend armed. Bunch of slimy politicians.