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made it through a full 30 without a hiccup, personally. not once.

Furthermore, the ME stated that he did 7 autopsies. The fewest hits totaled 3 and the most totaled 11. let's say only one was hit more than 3 times. That equals 6X3 = 18 rounds plus 11 = 29 rounds. He still had to kill 19 more people and injure 2 others.

Let's say 3 rounds for each of those victims and one for the injury.

19X3 = 57 + 2 = 59

59 rounds plus 29 rounds = 88 rounds.

Now then, that is 3 magazines. Maximum rate of aimed fire for the AR 15 is 45 rounds per minute, with 15 per minute being the max to avoid overheating.

So, if he shot for 2 minutes without missing he would have achieved the max aimed firing rate, and he would have done so with many moving targets in all directions.

This ignores the fact that he didn't fire with 100% accuracy, I feel pretty confident with that.

If he fired 15 rounds per minute, it would have taken him 6 minutes to hit 88 out of 90 shots, an amazing 98-99%, again with many moving targets.

911 calls say guns are being shot and within single digit minutes police were on the seen.

So let's say he had 10 minutes and he shot 45 rounds (max aimed) per minute. That's 450 rounds in 10 minutes. That means he would only have hit on 20% against many moving targets. Certainly a more believable ratio, but the 450 rounds is not.

Here is what 400 rounds in 4 minutes looks like.

The hand guard is on fire and the gas port is melted. It is simply not likely that this happened the way that we are being told.