Comment: I look at all the comments below and it makes me sick

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I look at all the comments below and it makes me sick

Really? Justification of legislation both bad in practice and theory? Where has y'all's integrity gone?

Ron Paul could have nailed Hilary just as bad, if not worse, and yet still get out the message that having military bases abroad is BAD. But Rand did a complete 180 from his father and defended the bases as well as propose increasing the budget to affirm the security of them.

And all you guys can do to defend him is say: "Oh, it's part of the strategy." - "Oh, he's new, he just needs time to stretch his legs..."
You guys don't give anyone slack except Rand and I'm tired of you hypocritical ingrates. Y'all have no principles whatsoever. The bias is so absolutely blatant it's crazy.


I'm not saying don't support Rand or don't vote for Rand - I'm merely pointing out the hypocrisy that you Pro-Randers are giving Rand a free pass for mistakes anyone else would be crucified for - especially someone who is a identified as a "friend" of the liberty movement.