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Yes, this is a free market

and what you're missing is who's "choice" it is to do what. Yes, the people have the right to choose which company provides them with power but in the absence of having guaranteed themselves two competing choices, it is not the power company's mandate to provide their customer with service in every manner that the customer chooses. If the customer's don't like it, then THEY should produce a competing company.

Saying that UtilCo HAS to provide an old tech dumb meter and a meter reader is like saying that your local veterinarian must accept money visa. It's their choice, not yours. The fact that you've allowed them a monopoly is not relevant.

So, people here are bitching because two women got arrested stopping a legit company from accessing and upgrading THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT which they had access to by signed contract. Where's the free market stand on this?