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At my age

that means something... lol!
It is funny. I remember as a preteen, finally realizing that I COULD lie to Mom, and not get caught. You know how little kids try to lie, but they are so bad at it they just get caught and you think your parents are psychic or something... how did they know???! And then I got past that point, and I remember practicing. I lied to her about just stupid stuff, just to see if she would be able to tell. Thankfully, I continued to grow and came to realize that lying is just never going to get me what I want in the long run. I may cheat and lie my way to fame, fortune, power and glory, and every moment of it I would worry about the truth coming out and losing it all. Well, I've got nothing but what I've got, but I got here with the truth and I have no worries about a lie taking it away.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.