Comment: Bizarre and psychotic comments from Gun Ban press conference!

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Bizarre and psychotic comments from Gun Ban press conference!

Just finished on C-Span. Very interesting comments... PREPARED, mixed up, struggle to hide the fact that they are reading prepared statements!

One Ct Senator says he, Dick Durbin, and Feinstein I believe, were there that day in Newtown!?! How is that possible?

Why was no one at this 'press-op', from Newtown, who actually lost a child, or wife, or mother, or daughter?

All the comments from Newtown are from third parties such as, you guessed it, who else, US Senators and Congressmen! After all they know best what happened? They know best the pathos, the terror, the absolute need for banning all weapons which could be used to defend freedom from tyranny or foreign powers!

Odd they do not go after knives, bats and ladders!

It is odd they do not go after the medical killing by accidents and mistakes, of over 800,000 people in America per year!

Imagine any country whose news papers would not carry the story of a full 747 going down in America with all 300-400 lost... I try to imagine they would carry the story if three crashed each day of a whole year... the equivalent of killing the populations of 10, 80,000 person cities in one year.

It is unimaginable.

But why not knives and clubs? That is a greater number than guns!?

Why not go after Chevys... they have gotton up in the morning, started themselves up, and driven out and killed in cold metal, far more children than Dodges, or maybe Fords for that matter.

There is only one reason... the advocates of banning 'assault rifles' are in reality, NOT CONCERNED with the numbers!

They are ONLY advocating the disarming of America and taking away the only real equilzer known to modern mankind when in defense of liberty, freedom, country, and against tyranny, big government, and any enemy foreign or domestic!