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Wanna know how I became a Teller?

8 years ago I was a first year college student taking business studies. I needed a job and I wanted something semi-prestigous. So I went to the local CIBC bank. Basically got the job on the spot without any experience. I'll tell you how:

Step 1: Go to the bank 5 minutes before closing; wear a nice suit.

Step 2: Ask to speak with the Branch Manager.

Step 3: Charm him/her with your passion, look directly in their eyes and tell them you don't want any other job, you want to be a Teller, and that your life plan is to become a successful financial advisor. (this means more income for the bank through investments and loans)

Step 4: Ask for a specific follow up list of times and actions.

Step 5: Fill out the online application forms and confirm with the Branch Manager within 48 hours that they were received.

Step 6: Final interview and get the handshake.

Done. Did it at age 20. You can too.



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