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Ron spoke truth to power too honestly! Ron said Govt IS the problem! He said just get rid of massive portions of the Govt in fell swoops. Dept of Education GONE! DEA GONE! Dept of Energy GONE! Close down our foreign bases! Just BRING THE TROOPS HOME! NOW! Get rid of the FED! The IRS? *poof* GONE! The new income tax rate? ZERO

Ron was often accused of not really wanting to be president. When he was asked about this I knew the truth and just smiled. Maybe unlike many other Ron Paul supporters I knew his true position on this. He had said it many times over the years before running for president.

He did NOT really want to be president! Why? Because he knew the Govt is unreformable. That no amount of compromise with it will end in any good. That it is by nature corrupt to its core and is always grasping and clawing for more and more power at the expense of individual's liberties. That only the people are capable of what's doing best for themselves.

Ron has ALWAYS said that the key to freedom is an awakening of the message of liberty and self-reliance in the hearts and minds of the people. That the ONLY way Govt will EVER be brought in check is if the people rise up en masse and put the Govt in a small tightly secured box and post guards outside the box vigilantly watching for any attempts for it to break free.

Ron didn't want to be president. He didn't want to be a congressman. He knew his one little vote would never change the actions and course of Govt. He knew the Constitution defines a weak presidency and he would have made it so! The only thing he ever set out to do was WAKE PEOPLE UP and spread the message that the problems caused by Govt were because Govt had usurped the role of individuals in taking care of themselves and that Govt was preventing individuals from taking care of themselves by declaring war on individual's freedoms and property.

Rand wants to reason with Govt. Rand wants to compromise with Govt. Rand wants to pay back the interest on FRAUDULENT DEBT created by the FED banks that is being used to steal peoples homes and murder millions! Rand wants to reason with zionists! Rand wants to reform Govt!

His dad says this is a fools errand. Govt cannot be reformed. It cannot be reasoned with. It is insanity to try and compromise with it. If can only be a necessary evil that must be vigilantly and eternally guarded by a people who are aware of its dangers and a people who will not compromise any of their freedoms no matter what goodies the devil promises.

Just what is Rand trying to accomplish? A little single vote in the Senate? The presidency? What will he be able to accomplish as president if the people's hearts and minds are not awake?

A lot of people say "Rand is NOT his dad!". You can say that again! ;)

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