Comment: Yeah, you can put this one in the History Books; finally

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Yeah, you can put this one in the History Books; finally

a "South" post with more than 2 up votes. It is very frustrating to say the least, but we can not give up on these people; we need them in the fight alongside of us. Therefor, I will continue to pound this topic like a drum until the rest of the band decides to join in :)

Thanks for you post, it is being added to my things to do.

Eventually, I hope to see more people chiming in and actually defending these posts than attacking them ... LOL

Like someone commented the other day on another thread:

Larken Rose said something to the effect of:

People harm me for trying to help set them free; they get upset and fight me to retain and defend their very own slavery; they will actually harm me to keep me from setting them free.

This is the unfortunate effects of many years of brain washing by the public fool system and the media.

"I don't want my freedom and you can't make me exercise it"

Give them a lottery ticket and they fight you for two weeks trying to prove the ticket is no good. Then if you convince them to just try it, they show up at the collection window and begin to argue with the cashier who's trying to pay them their money ... LOL