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Bingo. No single individual


No single individual should ever be capable of deploying a nuclear weapon. Because some people are plain and simply nuts. Currently, the only people with that kind of authority are the captains of our nuclear subs, but I bet even they have some serious gateways before they can press the button.

If a guy goes bokners with a gun, we can shoot him. What happens when the CEO of Goldman Sacs is allowed to buy a nuke, and then faces massive felony criminal charges for fraud? Whose going to arrest him when he's got his finger on the button?

To me, this is the "only" reason we need an organized government (with seperatation of powers). There has to be fail-safes in place to insure no one lights one of these things off.

Imagine if wealthy maniac bought several of them and attacked Russia, thus starting global nuclear war that wipes life off the face of the earth.

Some day, technology will find a solution to this government caused problem. I have no idea what it will be.

Their is a fantastic novel called "The Golden Age" By Heinlien. Its a sort of distopia novel built around the idea of libertarianism. Essentially, there is no government except 1 soldier named Atkins who is the military, and a group of super intelligent computers who represent the court of law.

The level of technology is so amazing, that people are essentially immortals who project themselves through a matrix-like array wherever they like, download information ranging from opinions, points of view, and filter out undesirable things with sense filters.

The society is run by sophetics which are super intelligent machines so brilliant that they can forcast the future with accuracy by examing all possiblities and assigining likliehoods of things occuring.

Point is: The society becomes a wonderful golden prison where everyone is happy, but no one can leave (even though its social constraints, not coersive) for fear that if any one person goes rogue, they have the technology at their fingertips to wipe out humanity. The story focuses around a character whose memory has been voluntarily erased because he was working on a starship to follow his ambition of settling other stars. The sophetics run a simulation, and Paethon returns with a nuclear bomb which destroys the entire solar system in it.

Fantastic novels, and if anyone wants to explore a possible future of a 100% libertarian society, I recomend it.